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Powertech offers services to Energy market. Know more:

Electrical Systems Consulting

  • Study Short Circuit
  • Study of selectivity and coordination of protection
  • Study of flow of charges
  • Study harmonic flux
  • Study for specification of capacitor banks
  • Study for specification of harmonic filters
  • Study motor starting
  • Study arc flash
  • Study of transient stability
  • Study for reducing electricity consumption
  • Electrical design of industrial M.T. and B.t.
  • Adjustments - meshes tests
  • lighting project
  • Project grounding
  • SPDA Project System (Lightning Protection)

Energy Quality

  • Monitoring Sag / Swell
  • Transient Detection
  • Audit quality of power supplied
  • Analysis of disturbances generated by large loads Examples: Departure engine high
    power, static keys for UPSs, generators
  • Harmonic flow simulations
  • Study engine reacceleration
  • Studies of insulation coordination
  • Analysis snubber circuit breakers in vacuo
  • Definition suppressor for controlling surge in motors
  • Technical study (FLICKER)

Energy Efficiency Consulting

It provides, for corporate customers, greater efficiency in technical and financial management of their energy needs by offering products and systems for:

  • Analysis of electrical systems
  • Critical analysis of projects
  • Identification of the potential of energy efficiency
  • Analysis of investments and economic benefits
  • Construction of energy matrix to allow optimization
  • Demand control
  • Power Factor Correction
  • Audit measuring the concessionaire
  • Management of consumption in real time
  • Management of the supply of energy
  • Optimization demands contracted
  • Choose the best charging system
  • Identification of potential savings rates and special contracts
  • Possibility of migration to the free market environment
  • Drive generators during peak hours
  • Apportionment of energy costs